Harvests 2017

This page records what we gather from our garden throughout the year. We started recording in September 2015 to try and get an accurate record of what one can actually expect to harvest in a small town garden. The 2016 list is at http://cavershamgarden.blogspot.co.uk/p/harvests-2016.html and 2015's at http://cavershamgarden.blogspot.co.uk/p/harvest.html.

Note: we are no longer keeping a record of the weight of lettuces and herbs that we gather. It became tedious and time consuming having to record every sprig and couple of leaves that we picked.

There is also a Google docs spreadsheet listing the weights and running totals for each year.

14th January 2017

Cavolo nero - 98g (3.5oz)

9th January 2017

Swiss chard - 94g (3.3oz)

8th January 2017

Swiss chard - 120g (4.2oz)

7th January 2017

Brussel sprout tops - 66g (2.3oz)
Curly kale - 36g (1.4oz)

4th January 2017

Parsnips - 116g (4.1oz)
Curly kale - 64g  (2.3oz)

2nd January 2017

Sprout tops - 94g (3.3oz)
Swiss chard - 50g (1.8oz)

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